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Mountain Ridge



We, actual humans, are sons and daughters of a paradigm revolution existing in the space between two worlds: one ending, another one about to be born. We've lost track of where we come from, and don't have any clear idea of where we are going to. Emerging from this existence of contrasts the instinctive need to exist in harmony with the Universe that surrounds us is yelling from inside out louder and LOUDER!

So, how can we tune back again into the flow of the universal creation that surrounds us?

As you may have already noticed, quantum physics has shaken the hand of the ancestral traditions and their Myths of creation, confirming experimentally what has been an open secret since the dawn of the era:


What could be more powerful that this affirmation?

It seems that we are not just “victims of the outside circumstances”. We are always the creators of our thoughts, emotions and actions and this has a huge impact in the creation of our experience; and thus we have a high creative capacity to shift the world in front of us. We are spiritual existences living a human experience. Our divine, creative transpersonal nature gives us the possibility to transform the reality in front of us, the capacity of shifting this collective story and our personal lives into a more harmonic existence, but we forgot how to use it! We need to remember that if we decide so, our life can become a CREATIVE PATH. Mixed in between infinite roads, going on in a creative playground: Mother Earth. And by extension, the whole Universe.


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