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One on one Sessions

The main purpose of the sessions is to facilitate frames that can allow the person to understand, cope with and take the most out of the stage of life they are going through.

Sometimes this means working in the past stories, sometimes discovering strategies for the present moment and its challenges, sometimes creating visions for the future. According to the availability, sessions can go from a one timer, to a process of a group of sessions.


  • 1 hour and a half sessions

  • With elements of archetypal psychology, healing arts and psychomagic.

  • The structure varies according to each person.

  • In every session you get a task to develop.

One timer

Listen + reflect= New Action

A place to be heard, a therapeutical-creative feedback and a design of a movement to shift and empower your present situation 

Therapeutic process

A group of sessions designed specifically for you

Packs with 5, 8 and 13 sessions, framed to recognize and transform your obstacles in a deep level, and to enhace your strengths. 


Creative Mentoring

Do you have a
creative project? 

I partner you creatively to look at it from wider viewpoints and find strategies to  make it real.


More info and bookings

Please share with us any question you have, the subject of your consultation, and your availability for a free of charge phone call to know more and arrange details directly with Nicolas

Thanks for submitting!

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