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What is the Trickster Archetype?

Actualizado: 23 ago 2022

Shadow, Creator, and Fool

One of the main sources of power and inspiration for CAMINO CREATIVO is the TRICKSTER archetype.

Since remote times, humans expressed their knowledge through archetypes. The trickster character appears in the narratives of many native people throughout the world. This figure represents the power of the psyche to subvert established programs. It's a Shadow, a Creator and a Fool at the same time, basically breaking the structures and reshaping them creatively. Tricksters establish the counterpoint reminding us that whenever we get into crystallized forms, laws and patterns, we somehow die to our creative power and the essence of Here and Now.

Trickster teaches us that everything is a sacred game and that we can PLAY with reality instead of suffering it. In the tribal life it is incarnated by the sacred clown or fool, having a very important role in the community. That's why in CAMINOCREATIVO the Clown is one of the main vehicles for the process of unlearning. You are not expected to become a clown, neither to recognize yourself as someone playful or expressive in advance. The whole process will guide you to recognize this archetype inside of you and learn how to use it to transform your life experience into a richer, more conscious and enjoyable creation.


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