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Nicolás Cambas

Multidisciplinary artist. Holistic therapist
Creative and Therapeutic Facilitator

Nicolás Cambas is a collective catalyst of transformation. His main tools are playfulness, empathy and intuition.

​Nicolas started this journey dropping out from mainstream at age 21, after having his first shamanic experience and becoming a nomadic clown for 7 years in Latin America. He performed for a living in streets, markets, buses, everywhere. This connected him deeply with the hidden energy behind the “Fool path” or trickster archetype, bringing him to go in depth with the magical world of Andean-Amazonean Shamanism, receiving initiations, exploring rituals, musical roots and cosmovisions with some native american communities like Quechuas, Cofanes, Q'eros and Awa, while clowning with and for them. 

He also studied performatic arts with varied teachers, and through time developed a methodology to share the insights of all these mixtured experiences, discovering and developing a compound which offers creative, therapeutic and evolutive possibilities which became CAMINOCREATIVO

Through workshops and performances he delivers a singular and spontaneous out-of-the-box approach that has been pointed out to be shamanic, transpersonal, cathartic and highly creative by very diverse human audiences.


He's been invited to participate in festivals, gatherings and social projects in Latin America, Europe and Middle East: Argentina, Peru, Colombia, Ecuador, Costa Rica,  Austria, Germany, France, Poland, Estonia, Latvia, Finland, England, Switzerland, Romania, Israel, Palestine, Belgium and Russia. With his pedagogical research he has taught in universities, theatres, schools of art, spirituality and transpersonal psychology. ​

​As a performer and scene director, Nicolas has co-founded COMPAÑÍA WUNDERBAR together with partner Magdalena Haftner: ( And after 15 years of travel and experimentation he created since 2018 the nomadic school of unlearning CAMINOCREATIVO to offer his methods as a possible path into a paradigm shift in this time of collective transition.

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