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CaminoCreativo - Experiential wisdom for a creative existence


CaminoCreativo - Experiential wisdom for a creative existence

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CaminoCreativo - Experiential wisdom for a creative existence

"A being must carry the shadow to embrace the light and blend these vital breaths to make harmony.”
― Tao Te Ching

Facing our shadows with an integrative purpose can be done by dealing  in a safe way with our unacknowledged traumas and wounds, and finding inner resources to bring them into the light of awareness. 

The shadow, however, is occult and rebellious. It’s the field of instinctive forces and traits that govern us unconsciously, through unconscious behaviors and paradigms. It’s our wild and suppressed nature plus parts of the garbage of the world. It's the origin of disease and it's rooted in trauma, and at the same time it contains the hidden powers and gifts that we bring as authentic beings when coming into life. To access these ambiguous territories, we need to trick the complex defenses of the neurotic ego, expressed in Triggers, Patterns and Projections. 

This workshop facilitates steps of deepness which are necessary for anyone who wants to evolve into a more conscious and powerful version of the Self, because when shadow is integrated, our Self becomes more conscious and complete.

The structure of the workshop combines practical and intellectual content, directed to recognize, understand and transform the programs and unacknowledged traumas that unconsciously run our lives, and offers a safe space to process the emotions and insights that arise from those discoveries, opening a path for integration into real life. 

Some of the techniques we use:  movement and bodywork, somatics, rituality and psychomagic, Circle of forgiveness, vagus nerve theory, Jungian archetypal and collective unconscious theories. Caminocreativo's own techniques. 

Because the only way to bring harmony into shadow is to face it, this experience provides a loving yet deep approach into shadow work inside a safe, creatively dynamic, and therapeutically protected environment.

The major objective of this workshop is to open/restore the way for our natural yet almost lost condition of harmony and coherence within our polarity.

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Some of the topics we explore in this workshop

  • Shadow and Trickster archetypes

  • Mechanisms of the shadow: Patterns, projections and triggers

  • Shadow Polarity (masculine/feminine)

  • Collective unconscious shadow, patterns and masks

  • Trauma, wounds, resistance

  • Vulnerability, intimacy, emotions

  • Inner child

  • Creative sexual energy as a force to transcend shadow resistance

  • Redemption (forgiveness)


All workshops in this program are pedagogical, creative and therapeutic. They happen inside protected environments, embracing emotions and vulnerability with healing purposes.

The CAMINOCREATIVO field is a space of deep personal and collective work, involving light and shadow. Shamanic frames combined with art and creativity allow emerging evolutive patterns from the collective unconscious to unfold. Through structures which privilege improvisation and the present moment, every workshop is a different experience within a common and clear frame, in this case: Harmony in Shadows


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The workshop contains of 5 sessions of 3 hours throughout 3 days + community time (meals, fire, circles, pond, etc)
Friday, 16:00 - 19:00
Saturday, 10:00 - 20:00 (with lunch breaks)
Sunday, 10:00 - 18:00 (with lunch breaks)

When & Where:
13-15 September
Lebensgut Miteinander, Prünst 12,
Rohrbach an der Gölsen, Austria.

Price list:


Early Bird Ticket until July 9th: 280€ 
Regular Ticket, from July 10th on: 320€ 


20 to 60€ for the whole retreat according to chosen plan


100 € (Vegan/Vegetarian)


"It had a life changing impact" Maret, 54. Tallin, Estonia.

“I took a deep journey into myself, being led by incredibly creative and loving guidance of Nicolas, I saw the parts of me that I wasn’t able to reach during 7 months of psychotherapy. It wasn’t always simple and painless, but through all the process I felt safe and I knew it was worth it. Thank you for this unique colorful adventure!" Kristina, 42, Estonia.

"I was part of Nicola‘s workshop „Harmony in the Shadows“ and i can honestly share that it was one of my most intensive workshop i have ever participated. It was about going deep into layers of the unconscious mind and body and to discover and observe what is happening inside your true self – if you choose so.
For me it was not also a emotional or mindful experience but a full-body and soul experience of what life as a human is all about. Nicolas managed to open a room with care and also directness which made it possible to glide into areas of the inner shadow and struggles which are also the possibilty to get in touch with your true self and your potential and abilities. He have chosen his different exercises from his great range of experiences and also from the place of the "here and now", which made it always a perfect fit for every moment and every current group dynamics. And even if it was difficult to let go or you feel resistance, Nicolas and also the group took care of whatever came up in myself. This made this whole workshop a safe and even caring environment.  The Harmony in the Shadow workshop gave me strength and confidence in handling personal things with others and especially with myself. I will be very thankful the rest of my life for Nicolas to make it possible to feel this beautiful range of experiences and emotions in this workshop and i will never forget this workshop again. For me Nicolas work can touch and transform many people out there in the world and it has the potential to make this world a better and caring place in connection with nature, people and your own true self.“
Christoph Lederbauer, 34, Austria


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