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Advanced Retreat 

Into the Threshold…

Croatia, Hvar Island

1-9 October 2024

CaminoCreativo - Experiential wisdom for a creative existence

It’s an honor to arrive at this point together.

Welcome to the one and only Advanced Retreat of CaminoCreativo in its 2nd edition! After a transforming (and fully booked!) first experience last year we decided to open up this special retreat again for another group of participants.

The island of Hvar is calling us to step into this unique experience: a creative and therapeutic process that leads to the creation of a Rite of Passage for each participant and the group as a whole.

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Create your Rite of Passage with the support of a community 


In this advanced retreat we offer a frame to support a group of individuals into a creative and therapeutic journey that leads to the discovery/creation/emergence of a Personal Rite of Passage with the support of a transpersonal community. The objective of this neo-ancestral ritual is very simple and powerful at the same time: to grow up and become a more empowered and more conscious creator of your path in life, while recovering the trust and safety in sharing the Self within a conscious Collective.

Let’s face it: In the current societies where we exist nowadays, most of us, chronological “adults”, are emotionally hurt, and in many cases ignorant or in denial about it. Also in many cases, with a partial or complete ignorance about our role in existence.

Being a grown up doesn’t mean to be an adult. Being functional and having a job or earning money, doesn’t automatically mean being an adult.


An adult, from our perspective, is someone who becomes aware and mature (through a process that takes time) in the mental, emotional, instinctive and physical levels. Not someone perfect, not someone completely complete or without challenges. Just someone who is in touch with their heart, mature and aware enough to be responsible, part of a collective, able to establish healthy and diverse relationships, and has at least a certain level of contact with their purpose and role in this existence (and is doing something about it).


And, what is a Rite of passage?


In ancient tribal life, it’s a symbolic act that every individual goes through at the end of a certain stage of life, in order to support their passage into the next one. These rituals are archetypically present in human life since the dawn of time, and always done within the support of a community. 


A rite of passage empowers and authorizes every member of the tribe, to embody their new role, taking the vital, emotional and mental forces needed to start and go into the next phase of life. Our ancestors knew very well about the importance of these ritual practices, but in the western and contemporary world they have been washed out and emptied of meaning through generations, until the moment that we live in today, marked by absence of community and rituals.


We believe that among other things, the lack of meaningful rites of passage blocks the collective and personal unconscious from growth and evolution into the natural stages of life.

How will we do it?: The Design.

During 9 days, we’ll explore collectively the precious island of Hvar, in a deep connection with the primary elements: The sea, the land, the breeze and the fire. We’ll then go through a series of experiences culminating in the creation and exercise of a Rite of Passage for every participant.
This frame is designed to create a deep connective tissue within all the individualities, the group as a whole and the territory. The first iniciatic step will be to bring into light each participant's deep understanding of their life’s unconscious myth (the story they have inherited and carried unconsciously until now and that gives shape to ordinary life). 

Then we will go through visionary processes to get in touch with the Authentic Myth or story that each participant feels and DECIDES that they came to fulfill in this life, and from this point on, everyone will be supported to give birth, through a supported creative process to a unique ritual to symbolically express this passage, from the old myth to the new one.

On day 8, we will go through a collective ceremony taking us through each participant’s delivery of their Rite, with support of the whole community. We will finish with an integration journey to find pathways to bring all these extra-ordinary experiences into each one’s ordinary life.​


A theoretical background based on the understanding of Myths, Rituals and Archetypes will give context to the whole process. 

When an honest movement is done conciously towards the Self, with good  contention within a safe and supporting space, it has the power to transform the reality of its creator.

In this design, yourself.



Collective training sessions
These sessions have the purpose of tuning the group physically and energetically into a field of connection and attention. They consist of diverse exercises coming from meditation, breathwork, movement research, shamanic clowning, contact improvisation, yoga and pelvic and voice research. They will be co-guided by Nicolas and Magdalena. 

Field exploration and collective devising sessions
We’ll explore the island surroundings finding proper scenarios for energetic and expressive exercises where the training material will be displayed into creative actions. The purpose is to connect to the landscape and use it as a catalyzer for a creative-ritualistic process


Personal devising sessions
Through the process of exploring the landscape, each participant will be assigned a personal space where different personal exercises and experiences will be developed, establishing a relationship with the place, where ultimately a personal Rite of passage ritual will be held. 

Myths, Rituals and Archetypes sessions
Through these sessions held by night, all the conceptual background for our Rite will be delivered. The content includes South American Shamanism elements, as well as Jungian psychology, mythology and esoterism (non dogmatic, nonreligious).

Ceremonial sessions
That will connect us to the heart intuitive field supporting the visionary states needed for the creation of our Rite of Passage. More on this will be explained in a previous prepa
ratory zoom session.

Personal sessions and Rite of Passage ceremony
Each participant will create and perform a Rite of Passage ceremony, which will include personal sessions with Nicolas to compliment and adjust the creative process, based on each participant’s myth and symbolism.

Integration sessions
The retreat finishes with an integration process, where we will find pathways to download this experience into each participant's life

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Invitation by Nicolas Cambas, guide of the retreat.

Artist, therapist and ritual space holder.
You already know him!

Cast Away - Aerial view_edited.jpg

Subscribe for a live informative Zoom Meeting!
*Tuesday 22nd July - 19 hs Austria - 20 hs Romania/Estonia

*If you can't be present you will receive a recording

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Cast Away - Aerial view_edited.jpg
Invitation by Nicolas Cambas, guide of the retreat.  Artist, therapist and ritual space holder. You already know him!

In conclusion, this gathering aims to

  • Give an initiation to become part of the World as an Adult in a conscious way, opening/amplifying our personal Creative Path.

  • Clarify our role in existence through archetypal structures and experiences.

  • Create connections! Establishing creativity and community as powerful ways to thrive through the unfolding challenging times we are living in.

  • Come back to the Heart by getting in touch with our emotions and vulnerability, in a safe and supportive space. Opening the way to listen to our authentic desires and purposes from a heart grounded level.

  • Give us concrete and practical tools to hold space for our wounds, becoming able to stand in our Power while carrying and healing our traumas.

  • Reconnect with the extraordinary through Art, Ritual and Nature.

  • Understand in a practical way the essence of rituality, becoming able to create proper rituals for yourself.

Guest facilitators

Magdalena Ham.jpg

Magdalena Ham, co guider and trainer.

Magdalena is a scenic artist, educational scientist, movement researcher and somatic trauma therapist in training. She grew up and studied in Austria and then in Panama, the UK, Germany, Ecuador and Spain. She is in deep cultural exchange with Latin America for almost two decades and as a theater maker, pedagogue and educational scientist she has traveled creating projects in Europe, Asia, Africa and North-, Central- and South America. She loves to improvise, create collectively and explore ways to connect and heal through stillness, movement and play. Her personal life story brought her to trauma healing research from the wisdom of the body. Since that she opens spaces to reconnect through somatic work and her main tools, compassion and resonance, with the healing power of the nervous system. In this retreat she will be guiding physical and energetic trainings focused on Breath- and Pelvic Work, Yoga, Meditation, Contact Improvisation and Contemplative Movement.

HAM - Home | (

Andeo, Musician and space holder for Sound and Medicine Circles.

Andeo, originally from Germany, has been living the past twelve years in Austria, working with Sacred Sound, instrument crafting and holding singing and Medicine circles. Andeo has been learning with different masterplants over the years and is walking in close connection to the sacred andean cactus Huachuma, or San Pedro. After experiencing different traditions and ways of working with the medicine he found his own, unique path of guiding through the realms of the Huachuma spirit. As the work is intuitive, every ceremony is different, but always leading into your own heartspace in order to realize your endless universe within.
His music and sounds come directly from his heart and flow very intuitively. 
Every ceremony offers a wide variety of songs and sounds. In his circles he uses exotic instruments from all over the world like Tibetan Singing Bowls, Ngonis, Native American Flutes, Handpans, Charangos, Guitars, Koshis etc. 



We are going to be hosted by the team of!

Common Area

Seaview BBQ with all amenities, utensils, cutlery & spices
Small gas fridge with freezer compartiment
Seaview dining table with 8-10 seats
Rainwater with solar powered water pump
1 locker / beach hut
1 storage box / beach hut
3 lounge area’s and 5 hammock

Lounge Bar

5 lounge area’s,  5 hammocks & 2 sunbeds
Free tea & coffee
Free maps, books & games
Free use of guitar for the musicians amongst us
On-site rental of mountainbikes, paddle boards & kayaks


Accommodation in shared and private cabins consists in the same kind of room, (the difference is that either 1 or 2 people will sleep in it) with the following amenities:


  • Dimensions: 3.75m x 2.20 (exterior) * 2,50m x 1,80 (interior) + 1m x 1.80m (front porch)

  • 2 comfortable memory foam mattresses (2m x 0.9m), linen, blankets, pillows, lights, a storage shelf, mosquito net

  • 1 storage box for food & 1 locker for your valuables

  • 2 snorkels & diving masks

Accommodation in a private apartment

Castaway offers the option of booking an exclusive private apartment with 2 separate rooms (one of them can be for a couple as well) Booking a room in the apartment means you will share it with one or 2 people, and you will have your own room in it, with a shared toilet and kitchen, and all the amenities you can see in the pictures.


Retreat price

900 € 

Accommodation in a shared cabin 
*space limited to 12 people 
-transportation (from the port of Hvar to the resort and back)
-vegetarian catering for 9 days, all meals included (breakfast, lunch, dinner)

450 € 

Total: 1350 €

*Price doesn’t include the trip to Croatia and ferries to and from Hvar.


Accommodation in a private cabin 
*space limited to 4 people 
-transportation (from the port of Hvar to the resort and back)
-vegetarian catering for 9 days, all meals included (breakfast, lunch, dinner)


Total: 1550 €

*Price doesn’t include the trip to Croatia and ferries to and from Hvar.

Accommodation in a private apartment 
*space limited to 2 people 
-transportation (from the port of Hvar to the resort and back)
-vegetarian catering for 9 days, all meals included (breakfast, lunch, dinner)


Total: 1700 €

*Price doesn’t include the trip to Croatia and ferries to and from Hvar.

Payment and inscription modalities

Only 18 places available

  • Inscription confirmation until August 10th with an email to and a 1st payment of 50% of your chosen option.

  • Final payment before September 10th.

**If you have financial constraints please let us know. If you are meant to be here we’ll find a way!**

Cancellation Policies

Teachers travel internationally to do this work and the hosting place has cancellation policies as well, so the costs to be faced are high and it is important that you understand that refunds are adapted to this circumstance.

  • Only 30% of the confirmation deposit is refundable in case of calamity, before August 31st

  • No refunds will be given after the end of August.

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