CAMINOCREATIVO is both a trascendental experience and a practical methodology.
A fluid structure into a new path which is also ancient and inside all of us.


A body of artistic practices inside shamanic frames.
To heal, to unlearn, and to enable creative growth
into a new paradigm.

We welcome you to this breathing body


Creativity is the key
to unlock our potential


What We Do

Training program

An intensive program in 4 levels + 1, designed to awaken your creative self.


Come travel with us through the wild amazing landscapes of Ecuador

One on one sessions

Custom therapeutic sessions to back you up and support your personal process. Creative mentoring

Online workshops

Online experiences to participate from anywhere in the world

Sound healing

Healing sessions through sound therapy


Next Events


Nicolas Cambas

Caminocreativo Founder

Nicolás Cambas is an artist and collective catalyst of transformation. His main tools are empathy, intuition and playfulness.



DSC03634 (2).JPG

"With CAMINOCREATIVO an essential part of myself could come to the surface showing me a big part of my potential. Through love, Nicolas managed to create a safe space for facing fear, in the present moment. The awakened parts are deep, integrating them with his instructed games was absolutely funny. Through this workshop, my horizons could extend: my life perspective got more possibilities..."

Laura, 34


We are here to listen

Please share with us any question you have, the subject of your consultation, and your availability for a free of charge phone call to know more and arrange details directly with Nicolas

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