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World is weird,
Destiny’s uncertain...


Europe Tour 2023
Austria 19-23/07

Romania 27-30/07
Estonia 2-6/08

CaminoCreativo - Experiential wisdom for a creative existence

We are proud to announce this new Europe Summmer Tour 2023 PLAY THE GAME with events in Austria, Romania and Estonia combining Steps 1 & 2 of Caminocreativo Training Process: “Unlearn to Be” and “Harmony in Shadows”, designed to awaken creativity through the Trickster Archetype and then to use it as a therapy for shadow integration. 

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Is the name for this year’s tour happening in the midst's of this convulsed reality.

Lila is the Sanskrit word for Game of Existence. In the ancient Vedic world, it was written that these times of confusion and conflict that we are experiencing now, was coming - the Kali Yuga, or age of Iron, as they named it. They also wrote that we would go through it because after all: it' s just a game. Lila, existence as a cosmic game. A game that we may not understand at moments, but a game that needs to be played anyway. For it is Life itself. Evolving.

Wanna know more about the theme for this 2023 tour PLAY THE GAME?

Content of the workshops in the upcoming retreats


Step 1. Unlearn to Be

This workshop consists in unfolding extra-ordinary collective states through a balanced mixture of radical playfulness and subtle awareness, opening the way to inhabiting the creative level of existence: life as a creative process.

“Unlearn to Be” combines ancestral knowledge from non-western cultures with creative frames coming from body-based contemporary expressive arts. 


Key words: Body. Creativity. Art. Play. Improvisation. Shamanic Clowning. Trickster Archetype. Somatics. Contact Impro. Trauma. Emotions. Patterns. Shadow work. Transformation. Intimacy. Collective Consciousness. Jungian and Transpersonal psychology. South American Shamanism.

Step 2. Harmony in Shadows

Having experienced and established a creative and shamanic method in Level 1, in this second step we focus on the territory of Shadow, on a personal and collective level. Our mission now becomes using the creative frames to walk into our shadow self and create recognition and integration of this suppresed parts of ourselves, for a more harmonic experience of existence. This transformational journey happens inside of a therapeutic frame, providing safety and contention for the participants. 

What can you learn and transform through these experiences?
*and other clarifications

In a world where the old paradigms are falling and the new ones are not clear yet, holding on to any permanent truth is shutting down from the massive transformation that is going on around and inside ourselves. In this context, this pedagogy is preparing us for actual and future times, acting as a bridge towards evolution, contemplating impermanence, presence and mystery as higher sources of attaining such purpose.

The basic active principle in which CAMINOCREATIVO is based is that our lost personal and collective capacity to be in tune with the universe can be trained, exalted and functionally recovered. Art, expression and creativity are medicines that connect retune and expand us, whilst giving us valious tools for this present times: A place in the heart, spontaneity, adaptation to change, enhanced creativity to face life dilemas, and also resilience and deep knowledge about human condition.


Some of the techniques we explore: Meditation, bodywork, somatics, movement in diverse formats, contact improvisation, clowning, viewpoints and instant composition. Also, aspects of south american shamanism as well as Jungian and Transpersonal Psychology.


They are a great source of understanding and structuring existence, that we can take practically into life.
In the upcoming workshops we will dive into feminine, masculine and non-binary archetypes such as the trickster, the shadow, the healer, the magician, the great mother and the artist, among others.

The whole experience has a ritual, non-religious, non-dogmatic context, it can be considered as a training into the ritualistic aspect of existence, consisting basically of acknowledging and relating effectively and symbolically to everything that is. These frames are delivered in practical ways translated from esoteric and shamanic universal backgrounds into a practical vision for our daily lives (and western minds).

We live in times were collective unprocessed trauma is bursting out through all the possible cracks. Our normal instinctive approach to trauma showing up is to run away from it. But as long as we keep on doing that, we won't be able to process it and evolve. In our sessions we provide safe containers to embrace trauma and acknowledge it, supporting in this way your personal healing process.

The CAMINOCREATIVO field is a space of deep personal and collective work, involving light and shadow. Shamanic frames combined with art and creativity allow emerging evolutive patterns from the collective unconscious to unfold. Through structures which privilege improvisation and the present moment, every workshop is a different experience within a common and clear frame, in this case:  Unlearn to Be + Harmony in Shadows.





Schedule, location, value exchange and inscriptions

CaminoCreativo - Experiential wisdom for a creative existence

AUSTRIA 19-23 July

CaminoCreativo - Experiential wisdom for a creative existence

ROMANIA 27-30 July

CaminoCreativo - Experiential wisdom for a creative existence

ESTONIA 2-6 August

*Previous participants who have already done Step 1 in previous years, can join for the second level, or choose to participate from the beginning again with a reduced price*


This year we are looking to go deeper into relating and exchanging among the circle of participants. Coming back to the community is one of the very few clear understandings of what we need to integrate in these currently unfolding times. For that reason this year’s workshops are of a longer format; combining levels 1&2 into a 5 day-retreat. In this time period of community life, we will not only go through the sessions but also explore relationships and life creation within a collective, in a natural environment of shared tasks, joy and attention.



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